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Gmail is the official method of communication for contacting students at GVSU. Your email address is your_network_ID@mail.gvsu.edu

The GVSU Alert Notification system is a supplementary application that will attempt to inform you of emergency or imperative information about GVSU via mobile technology. This application will attempt to notify email, voice only line, and mobile phone numbers you have listed on file. There is no guarantee that any or all of the contacts will be notified as we rely on outside telecommunications vendors to assist us in the notification process.

The Grand Valley State University Student Employment Office and Career Center maintain the LakerJobs web site as a service to GVSU students. The presence of job announcements on LakerJobs does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation from GVSU. It is the students' responsibility to perform their own due diligence when applying for or accepting private off-campus employment.

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You are entering a secure login area in which designated applications at GVSU are allowed to use your login credentials entered on this site for authentication. This allows you to login once with your network ID and password and have access to designated applications without logging in multiple times. GVSU Information Technology will continue to review applications that meet the requirements for this type of authentication but cannot guarantee all applications have the ability to do so.

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